Gænger (“Walker”) is an outdoor kinetic sculpture in the city of Vallensbæk.

A high steel structure carries 12 curves consisting of numerous white illuminators. The lights are faded in and out in sequence controlled by pedestrian- and bicycle-traffic on the nearby bridge.

The curves are modeled on a young person walking using motion capture. When the speed of the sequence goes beyond the persistence of vision, the experience of the light goes from individual fading points of light to the perception of motion: A volumetric 3D representation of a walking person.

Gænger is located at GPS coordinates: 55.625141, 12.386776 (Google Maps)

Gænger is part of the Danish Arts Foundations: "Vores Kunst"

Supported by:

Danish Arts Foundation
The city of Vallensbæk
Niels Peter Lynges fond


Project coordinator: Jørgen Kreiner-Møller, architect maa
Architect: Frederik Emil Seehusen, Cand. Arch, maa, arb.
Engineer: Anders Christensen Aps
Technique: Gadget Group
Blacksmith: Herfølge Kleinsmedie A/S

Project Group:

Jytte Bendtsen, Annette Hein-Sørensen, Søren Wiborg, Eva Steen Christensen, Ane Mette Ruge, Louise Straarup, Merete Lisbeth Kieme, Johanne Høgsholm, John Sørensen, Kristine Klæbel

Special thanks to:

Salomet Grafik
Architect Ali Tabatabai
Katja Bjørn
Sfera Labs, Milano
Fred Sapey-Triomphe
Elektriker Bjørn
IxD Lab, IT University of Copenhagen

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