Mogens Jacobsen

Mogens Jacobsen (1959) is a Danish artist living in Copenhagen.
Jacobsen studied Film and Media at the University of Copenhagen.
In the 1980s he worked with experimental audio and sound art as performer, producer and publisher.
In the early 1990s he was a pioneer of net-art in Denmark. In 1992 he founded the Danish net-art collective "The Artnode Foundation".
Around the year 2000 Jacobsen changed focus, moving away from screenbased works and towards physical objects and installations.
Jacobsen has exhibited extensively both nationally and especially internationally, including several times at ZKM in Germany, the Brazilian FILE festival, the Austrian Ars Electronica Festival, NO+CH in China and the Media Art Festival in Japan.

Related websites

Projects releated to the Artnode Foundation can be found at www.artnode.org.
Videos on YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/artnode6.
Some presentations can be seen on Slideshare: www.slideshare.net/artnode.


ORCID researcher identification: 0000-0001-6090-9468

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