This work is a collaboration between Mogens Jacobsen and the Japanese neuroinformatics researcher Yukiyasu Kamitani from Kyoto University. Kamitani is researching "deep image reconstruction from human brain activity", a technique that reconstructs visual impressions from brain activity using functional MRI scanning and artificial intelligence.
In Flora, Kamitani and Jacobsen have created 18 reconstructed floral motifs. Subjects have been "mind-read" while looking at copper engravings from the botanical book Flora Danica (1761-1883) by the doctor Georg Christian Oeder. The brain-scan data was analyzed by Misato Tanaka at Kamitani Lab.
All images in the exhibition are based on reconstructed illustrations of dandelions and thistles.
The images are exhibited on a construction of pine wood with small laser engravings

Thanks to:

Yukiyasu Kamitani & Misato Tanaka
Ringsted Galleriet
Grosserer L.F Foghs Fond
Poul Johansen Fonden

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