This text is an organism (You are an environment)


TTiaO(YaaE) is an interactive installation where the influence of the audience modulates a displayed text. By using their mobile phones and scanning the installation, the audience can affect words in the text.

Besides the immediate partly reversible response from the installation, the work is an experiment in long-term accumulative interactions between a system and a larger inhomogeneous group of people.

The system is utilizing an AI model, trained on 100 billion words exerted from Google News. The model maps 3 million words into a virtual space with 300 dimensions.

By changing one of four factors (love, food, social relationships, and freedom) the long-term accumulated influences can "push" the words around in this virtual text-space. For example by pushing the text towards - or away from - the location of the word "freedom" in this multidimensional space.

The original text is a quote from Conrad Waddington's 1957 book "The Strategy of the Genes".

Thanks to:

Medical Museion, Adam Bencard, Malthe Kouassi Bjerregaard & Jacob Lillemose
Salomet Grafik
FN Teknik & PD Glas
Gensim, Radim Řehůřek
Fred Sapey-Triomphe, Michael Nielen, Mar Canet, Anna Kindval
The team at Charlotteborg
The team at DHMD

Assistant (Copenhagen):

Thomas Flodgaard Kaufmanas

Supported by: (big thanks!)

The Danish Arts Foundation

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