Spillerne / The Players


Four boxes with megaphone-speakers are placed on tripods at each corner of a darkened room.
When a person enters the room, voices are heard from the speakers.
They say: “one point five meters” – “four meters” – “two meters” – “two point five meters”. Each box speaks a different language.
Three of the speakers states “You win”.
After a few second, the sequence starts all over again: Each speaker states a distance and once again one of the speakers is declared winner.

The voices are obviously playing some sort of game.
After a while, the person in the room realizes she is taking part in the game: She plays the part of the counter being moved on the board. The speakers are playing a game of attracting the visiting persons.

This audio installation discuss the issue of interactive art: Who are interacting with whom?

The voices:

Frieder Butzmann (The German Player), Bo Hr. Hansen (The Danish Player), Anna Kindvall (The Swedish Player), Annette Finnsdottir (The Islandic Player), Isabel Fróes (The Brazilian Player), Atsushi Nishijima (The Japanese Player), Geert Dekker (The Dutch Player), Lilibeth Cuenca (The Filipino Player), Usman Ahmad Meer (The Pakistani Player), Antoni Karwowski (The Polish Player), Eric Forman (The American Player).
A big thanks to you all for lending me your voices.

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