In 1965 the “POEX” took place in Copenhagen. It was a 10-day-event mixing poetry, music and visual arts. At this event, a rotation disc projected sound towards the audience. Sadly only written documentation exists of the piece.
Associate professor Morten Søndergaard, AAU and I did this re-interpretation for the “Unheard Avant-Garde, Scandinavia” section at the “Sound Art - Klang als Medium der Kunst” exhibition at ZKM, Germany. Our version scanned the room using ultrasound. And whenever the dish pointed toward a visitor, a 3-projector slideshow on the walls changed.

DR/National Danish Radio supplied the retired dish and build the motor-parts.

Thanks to:

Danish Radio Decoration Department, Henrik Juul Nielsen.
The project was cofunded by the LARM research project, “The Unheard Avant-Garde”.

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