Live Audience Dubbing


On September 14th, 2012 I was invited to host the Copenhagen Art Festival Bar at the Nikolaj Art Center. I invited my old friend legendary audio-artist and composer Frieder Butzmann to collaborate.

At the art center, Frieder and I showed some of our videos. Some of the videos had never been shown in public before. Frieder composed soundtracks for two of these videos: “Forest2” (2009 by Jacobsen) and “White is the Noise” (2012 by Butzmann).
During the evening at the art center, Butzmann instructed and conducted the audience to perform the soundtracks. This performance was recorded and later added to the videos as soundtracks. You can watch low-resolution versions of the videos with the soundtrack on YouTube.
At the end of each video, you will find the credits showing the names of all participating members of the audience.

Watch "Forest2" on YouTube Watch "White is the Noise" on YouTube

Thanks to:

Frieder Butzmann, Studio für Komische Musik
Nikolaj Kunsthal.
Prami Larsen, Danish Film Workshop, The Danish Filminstitute.
All the singers in the audience: Irene Folsach, Tom Hansen, Mette Truberg Jensen, Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen, Jannie Dam, Marianna Krarup , Lise Blom, Arendes Gudmand-Høyer, Peter Ravn, Tommy Jacobsen, Steen T. Krarup, Prami Larsen, Helle Vibeke Jensen, Helle Bengtsen, Annette Finnsdottir, Solbjørk, Rune Gade, Madelaine, Camilla, Morten, Frank Altschul, Lisbet Matz, Cherncheng Ma, Chunyu Wei, Yali Yu, Ane Mette Ruge, Anna Vallgårda, Maria Bortha, Daniel Bortha, Jarmo Laaksolahti, Aaron Mullane, Lene Nielsen, Jens Petersen, Benny Woitowitz, Frøken Lene Hansen, Delta Witt Nymark, Louise Witt-Hansen, Ximena Wiesenfeld, Felipe Avello

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