Pill Machine


Diagnosis is a cornerstone in all healing practices. Doctors ask questions about symptoms, medical history, habit and lifestyle to try and divine the causes of the patient's illness, or at least work out which treatment to try first.
The Pill Machine is a strange, holistic doctor; it asks questions about the body, mind and environment, and how you experience the intersections of all three. It prescribes words and medicine, and invites you to consider what you find relevant to your wellbeing.

The Pill Machine consists of 8 input-stations and a pill dispenser. The visitor activates the input-stations using an coin with an embedded RFID tag. After answering question at the input-stations, the visitor can use the coin in a vending machine where pills are dispensed and a poetic prescription is printed.

Concept by:

Mogens Jacobsen
Adam Bencard
Louise Whiteley


Mogens Jacobsen & Circuit Circus

Thanks to:

Danish Arts Council Committee for Visual Arts
DirtLab, ITU

Commissioned by:

“The Pill Machine” was commissioned by Medical Museion, Copenhagen for the exhibition "Mind the Guts"

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