Bridge is an algorithmic film about architecture. The film is based on a collage of still-images of buildings in Tokyo, Japan. These tall structures are scanned vertically and are only see trough a small horizontal gap in the screen. The rest of the screen is filled with two single lines - the top and bottom of the gap repeated. As the gap moves through the image, these lines perform a slow and soft abstract animation.

The scanning of the original image is the only movement in the film. The film is a more than 2 minutes long tilt. The proprietary software moves the image one pixel per frame / 25 pixels per second. Thus the duration is controlled by the height of the original image.


Recorded 2000 in Japan / Processed 2003 in Denmark.
Playing time: 2 min. 23 sec.
Resolution: 720 x 576 / 25 fps. (PAL DVD).
Concept and programming: Mogens Jacobsen.
Photography: Salomet & Jacobsen
Music: The Furmer Group.

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